Google search now on IOS software


Google has launched a new application called GBoard for Apple users to access GIFs and emojis easier and swipe-type, which is faster than key-to-key typing. Google is saying it is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Another key feature that has come to be quite useful is searching for a nearby restaurant and opening the information into the message. This easy-access search engine has created a faster and more up-to-date application for users. Now with the new Apple update, it lets you add more than one third-party keyboard and swap between them so you are not stuck with just the one. “Contacts search” is now a new part of the application where you can send and search through your contacts without having to open the application.

Google has commented that they are targeting a specific demographic who will appreciate the emoji search. For example, searching for the apricot emoji or the broken love heart will pop up faster than scrolling through different sections of vegetables and flags. This will help the user quickly send a text message instead of spending minutes trying to find the right emoji to use.

The application is only compatible with IOS 9 iPhones and iPads. Ironically, Google did not release the app for Android which means they will have to wait longer. Gboard was available in America a few months earlier, but is now available in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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