Google’s plan to stop ISIS recruits

A multinational technology company that has built up a profit of over $1b has now invested their time and money into making a program that detects any anti-social behaviour relating to the very controversial terrorist group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant AKA ISIS.

Google’s tech program, Jigsaw which was originally used to reduce hackers, has developed a program that searches through different advertising algorithms and YouTube video platforms to target and stop recruits. The goal being to discourage them from joining ISIS, ISIL or any terrorist organisation groups.

The actual program itself is called The Redirect Method which translates Arabic to English and deletes any ISIS propaganda or removes any YouTube channels which have preexisting terrorism data. It has already created a list of more than 1,700 keywords that could trigger and lead to an increase for any recruits.

Yasmin Green, head of the Research and Development of Jigsaw stated it was not to target recruits and imprison them, it is solely for individuals who are vulnerable to ISIS’ recruitment and deleting channels that have any traces of terrorism.

A pilot-project ran in July, to see how effective the program would be when it was first launched. Over the course of two months, the project attracted 300,000 people who were drawn in by anti-ISIS YouTube videos. Searchers actually clicked three or four times more often on the ad campaign, rather than a typical one. It now plans to launch a program which focuses on North American extremists and possibly white supremacists.

Whilst there has been a larger number of supporter accounts on Twitter and Facebook, a number of companies have tried to shut down supporter accounts for good. A total number of 46,000 supporter Twitter handles have been removed from the social media site due to their propaganda. Most accounts were actually created in 2014, linking them back to the Syria or Iraq.