High fashion bags with an inbuilt charger

High fashion bags with an inbuilt charger

Australian tech start-up Lorna and Bel have created a new handbag, which fuses the technological orientated life of the modern woman with high fashion and practicality. These new simple but beautiful bags include an inbuilt 5000mAh battery with a charger cable available from the rear pocket.

The bag boasts an inbuilt micro USB cables for Android phones, or a certified Apple lightning adapter for those of us who prefer iPhone over Android. It apparently holds two full charges, and the inbuilt battery takes on three and a half hours to fully recharge itself, making it a quick and easy option for women who always seem to have a dead phone by the end of the day.

This is part of the incredibly fast growing industry of female-oriented wearable tech, with CCS Insight projecting it will reach $US14 billion in sales this year altogether.

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Credit: Lorna & Bel website

Rather than focusing on the technological aspect, designers decided they wanted to create a seamless interaction between high fashion and technology, with the aesthetics taking priority. The bag will set you back around $399, putting it up there with other high fashion bags.

While it’s a great idea, you can just as easily buy a portable charger, like the AVADA PV100 which was 4800mAh, only 200 less than the start Ava bag, for around $20 and you can transfer it from bag to bag.


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