Horror of owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Horror of owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has told owners of the new Galaxy Note 7 to return their phone back to the factory as the whole line has been recalled due to it exploding when being charged.

A New York Times reporter tweeted that no Galaxy Notes must be used on the airline as they have been recalled and could explode on the flight.

Many have reported their phones exploding when they plug in their charger, such as when the phone exploded in a six-year old’s hands or exploded on an airline heading towards California. The major brand has stopped selling the phone and initiated a “product exchange program that would return their phones and get a much safer phone. “We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note 7’s and exchange them now,” said a Spokesperson for Samsung phones.


Yesterday afternoon a Jeep Cherokee went up in flames when he left his Note 7 on his dashboard. Nathan Dornacher, a Florida man was unloading his boot when he sent his eight-year old daughter to get something from the back of the car. He quickly pulled her away from the car as he noticed the car up in flames.

“It was very surprising to me how quick the [dashboard] caught on fire.Once it got the dashboard, the airbags went and started exploding,” he said shortly after.

Airlines Qantas, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad have banned the device from their flights, as a safety precaution. Samsung has promised to return all phones by September 19.