Introducing Oombrella, the umbrella you’ll n...

Introducing Oombrella, the umbrella you’ll never forget again

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Early next year, Australians will be granted access to Oombrella, an umbrella full of high tech intelligence. The advanced umbrella was developed by a French company called Wezzoo. Oombrella will be able to be synced through your phone, allowing it to alert you if you’ve walked away without it.

Developers at Wezzoo felt it was best to introduce the app first before the actual umbrella, as the app itself has over 200,000 users worldwide. The app was originally created for members of the Wezzoo community to share weather predictions as well as observations. The Oombrella will now be able to automatically collect this information for you.


Image Credit: Oombrella/BNPS

Amongst its other features, Oombrella will also be able to send alerts to your phone to remind you to take the umbrella with you if wet weather has been predicted in your area. It will also have four sensors in the handle, allowing it to collect the temperature, humidity, light and pressure while you’re outside.

In terms of style, Oombrella features a thick, shiny and colourful canopy as well as UV protection. Wezzoo developers are currently working to make the canopy thinner. The umbrella will be available for $116 in Australia and online at