New horror game is more than ‘jump-scare exp...

New horror game is more than ‘jump-scare experience’

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Horror fanatics often face a difficult time when it comes to finding a game that truly gives players an experience that will keep them up at night. Many horror game developers use ‘jump-scare’ tactics to give players what they feel is a sufficient horror experience, leaving many players feeling unsatisfied and wanting more.

Sara Is Missing is a newly developed game, which takes place entirely on an iPhone, where the player is asked to find Sara in order to return her phone, with the assumption of a monetary reward should the task be completed. The game’s interface appears as a normal iPhone, with the exception of added features to intensify the player’s experience. They’ll then be asked to sort through Sara’s personal information such as videos, messages, emails and photos in order to quickly locate the missing character.

The game is currently available via the website  with a name-your-price payment. Prior to downloading the game, consumers will be asked to name their price based on the value they think the game is worth or if they wish to donate to the game’s developer.

This game is the newest in a line of immersive games that try to make gamers feel something. This is obvious in games like September 12th, which add journalistic principles to game structures to engage the youth and anyone else who would be otherwise disinterested. Players can learn lessons as they progress, and hopefully come out with a lasting message. As you see in September 12th, the player learns that killing insurgents results in mass civilian casualties, and the lasting message can be moral, reflective or disruptive. Games like this are an interesting lesson to businesses on diversifying their interests into new markets to find new ways of engaging the public.

Play at your own risk.