iPhone 8 Details Leaked

The details of a possible iPhone 8 release for next year have been leaked, and it looks like Apple are set to change their usual pace for the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary.

The new features include a curved, edgeless screen, glass casing on the back, and a possible third size being offered to consumers. Expectations are high for Apple after criticism that this year’s launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were too similar to past models.

Apple could be pairing the old with the new, as the iPhone 8 is rumoured to have a new edgeless glass casing which is comparable to Samsung’s popular Edge phone. A glass back hasn’t been seen on the iPhone since the iPhone 4 and 4S. This new glass casing will boast a newer scratch resistant technology, and will be cased in metal frames to prevent the lint build up seen in the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 8 is allegedly going to be available in three new models instead of the usual two. The sizes of which will be 4.7-inch, 5-inch and 5.5-inch, with the 5.5 inch boasting the new curved screen. All of these sizes will apparently have a glass unibody casing.

Earlier this year, the iPhone 7 was announced with the omission of the beloved headphone jack in an attempt to save space on their newest device. It would come as no surprise that developers are taking this one step further with sources implying Apple will implement wireless charging.

Sources say that Apple are also set to get rid of the home button on the iPad to minimise the device size. The iPhone will be released afterwards and will most likely flaunt this new design without the iconic home button.

In the past Apple have announced their new products in Autumn. It’s expected that 2017 will be no different, with a seminar in September 2017 and the new iPhone available in the months to follow.