L’Oreal launches stick-on patch to monitor U...

L’Oreal launches stick-on patch to monitor UV exposure

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L’Oreal is best known for their lead in the cosmetic industry, however, the French company has made news by revealing that Australians will now have access to their new stick-on UV patch. The patch will be known as ‘My UV Patch’ and is understood to have a 5 day life span. It was officially launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The patch itself is said to be the size of 50 cent coin while being thinner than the common band-aid. The patch was developed in a year and was tested on 400 consumers before its official release.

My UV Patch will function by syncing through your phone once you’ve downloaded the ‘My UV Patch’ app, where you’ll first be asked to choose your skin tone. You’ll then be asked to scan your patch at various times through your phone. Finally, the app will inform you of whether you are in the ‘green’, ‘orange’ or ‘red’ risk zone. L’Oreal has mentioned that the patch is waterproof and is now being recognised as a prime example of wearable technology.

“The patch is using the same materials as flexible electronics but without the electronics as we wanted all people to have the ability to use it,” L’Oreal told The Australian. “The consumer version is using photosensitive dyes and there are 18 squares all changing colours at different rates. When the consumer takes a photo, we decode the changes in the colour using our algorithm.”

In order to obtain a patch, consumers will be asked to purchase La Roche-Posay sun protection, which will cost you around $28. Extra patches are also being made available through L’Oreal online.