Nike teams up with Apple to improve standard Apple...

Nike teams up with Apple to improve standard Apple Watch

In the most recent collaboration, Apple have introduced the new Apple Watch Nike+, the latest edition to the smartwatch dynasty. The Apple Watch Nike+ is said to be the most suitable option for those who weren’t willing to purchase the standard Apple Watch, a smartwatch that retailed at its cheapest at $399, with the high end space black, stainless steel Apple Watch retailing at $1549.

The Nike+ is said to be around $529 and comes with the standard features of the Apple Watch 2, plus Nike-added extras. The band of the watch is a vibrant lime-green colour and is reportedly more breathable as it provides subtle ventilation through the creatively modified ‘air-holes’. This is hoped to avoid any build up of sweat that may occur throughout the day.

If consumers choose to purchase the smartwatch with the larger face, an option called ‘Complications’ will be available, allowing consumers to quickly check on the watch’s battery life or an accessible short cut to the Nike+ Run Club. This Club in question is also available to non Nike+ watches as well as being able to provide a runner’s duration, distance and speed, which it will also read to you out loud by request during your training or at chosen intervals. The Club also features a social networking aspect, allowing users to connect with other runners and establish a leaderboard, with the addition to ‘master trainers’, a tool that features already designed workouts and coaching.

The watch can also be set to pause when you halt any movement before automatically restarting when you decide to commence movement. The Nike+ can also hear and respond to commands through Siri, just like any other Apple Watch and comes with a built-in GPS.