One to watch..

Nokia’s Steel HR Heart Rate & Activity watch is breaking all the rules with it’s long lasting battery life of 25 days!

During the day, we may find ourselves overwhelmed with work, social and even study commitments, making it difficult to stay motivated and focus on our health and fitness goals. In the long term, this can be crippling to our mental and physical health as we are not providing our bodies with the support they need to live strong, healthy lives. Today, there is a greater need to work now more than ever before, so it’s important that we find simple, effective solutions to maintain a healthy balance in our lifestyles.  

According to EFM, Nokia is providing the perfect solution with their new Steel HR, the first activity tracker and heart rate monitor to offer an exceptional battery-life of 25 days. With battery-life often being compromised with the design of new technologies, this is a major advantage for Nokia in their attempt to reclaim their position in the current market.

Nokia understands the everyday struggles of working out regularly and staying driven, making their new product a welcomed one. The Steel HR enhances standard features including heart rate monitoring (during workout and rest), and sleep tracking, giving its users the best in health tracking technology. Syncing automatically with the Nokia Health Mate™ app, users are able to access their data, set goals, view trends and find expert coaching on-the-go, making it easy to continue living an active lifestyle and knowing which daily goals still need attention before the day has ended.

With the ability to detect different forms of physical activity and sport as well as alarm and message alert systems, Nokia’s Steel HR is a major contender in the industry, optimising motivation and improving health over time.

Beginning at $299.95, the Steel HR will be the best personal trainer you’ve ever had.

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