People are spending more time on Pokémon Go than F...

People are spending more time on Pokémon Go than Facebook and Snapchat

Analytics company 7park Data says that users spent an average of 75 minutes in the app during its first week of release. In addition, Pokémon Go users continues to spend around 35 minutes on the Facebook app, 19 minutes on YouTube and about 9 minutes on Snapchat on a daily basis.

PokemonGO Tends

“Total US time spent in apps is +4.1% in the seven days since Pokemon Go was released, compared to the prior week,” says Byrne Hobart, Lead Internet Analyst at 7Park Data.

Another interesting finding is that the launch of Pokémon Go may have caused people to use other apps less. 7park Data has concluded that Pokémon Go is not yet a substitute for a number of popular apps. But mobile users are spending more time on their smartphones, probably at the expense of non-phone entertainment.