Pokemon GO App paves way for virtual and augmented...

Pokemon GO App paves way for virtual and augmented reality

Pokemon GO App has revolutionised the business, economic and technology industry as we know it. In just fourteen hours, it became the most downloaded app and already generates a daily revenue of $1.6 millionUSD. In fact, across both iOS and Android, the game has more than 7.5 million downloads in the US alone. 

It’s a big step in the world of technology with SimilarWeb reporting that Pokemon Go is being used more so than popular smartphone apps, WhatsApp and Instagram. This begs us to ask the question; what makes the game so popular? The answer, virtual reality.


Image Credit Market Watch

We’re already witnessing virtual technology make a rapid splash in the corporate workplace. Companies are implementing augmented-reality headsets, providing specific instructions on how to complete a technical task.

In the next ten years, virtual reality services will become immersive. “Augmented reality is the bigger play because humans still get to touch, and still have a better connection with, their immediate real-time physical world,” IEE member, Todd Richmond, comments on the extensive benefits.

In a world full of opportunities, we’re absolutely certain that more advancements are on the brink of invention.




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