Saving the environment, one beer at a time.

Saving the environment, one beer at a time.

Fish eating six pack rings

An innovative microbrewery in Florida has come up with an answer to an issue that’s been killing marine life for years, beer rings. We’ve all seen that episode of a TV show where a helpless fish, or turtle, or anything gets their head stuck in those pesky plastic rings – well that’s all in the past with the creation of these new edible and biodegradable six-pack rings.

Advertising firm Webelievers and Saltwater Brewery worked together on this project, creating the rings which are made of leftover barley and wheat from the brewing process – using unavoidable byproducts in a useful way to reduce waste and create safer products for marine life. Although still only prototypes, brewery president Chris Gove is incredibly confident about the possibility of getting them on the market as early as next year.

Although the materials and cost of manufacturing on these items are more expensive than their plastic counterparts, Gove is hoping bigger breweries and companies will take on the concept and make it cheaper in the long run, for the sake of marine life. With all the previous attempts to create a safer marine environment being unsuccessful, this idea provides a hopeful look into the future of climate conscious business models.

Check out the video explaining this new solution to an old marine safety issue.

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