Slim down your summer with EFM

Slim down your summer with EFM

We all know that heart-stopping moment of anticipation as we watch our phone fling through the air towards the floor, only to pick it up and put on a brave face as we see that defeating crack spread across the screen, all because we didn’t give our phone the proper protection it needed. Well great news, you don’t have to have a milk carton size case to protect your phone! EFM have released their slimmest, toughest case range yet for the new iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X and the industry has never been more excited.

Their new ASPEN and CAYMAN CASE ARMOUR ranges offer iPhone users an all new level of protection for their phones. Utilising D3O globally recognised protection material, this superior state of the art new technology will save people hundreds in phone screen repairs, leading the way for a generation of new phone protection technologies.

Boasting 3.4mm thick bumpers and 1.2mm thick back plates, they both offer approximately 190% greater impact resistance, exceeding Military grade drop test standards by 500%. IPhone users are part of the new revolution of phone protection technology and will now be able to say goodbye to the fear of dropping, throwing or damaging their phones within seconds this Summer.

EFM are the new leaders in tried and tested device protection with their new products also featuring clear, scratch-resistance back plates, a stadium edge that protects the device screen in the case of a flat drop, and a reinforced flash ring to prevent camera lens damage. EFM understand phone users like no other, making them the experts and ones to watch.

Beginning at $49.95, the ASPEN and CAYMAN CASE ARMOUR ranges come in a selection of colours to suit anyone’s style.

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