Sticky car hoods – Google’s new safety...

Sticky car hoods – Google’s new safety feature

Google self driving car

Google has a tendency to be at the forefront of technological advances in almost any field, and with the release of their self-driving cars, they’ve made their debut into the automobile industry. The technology is already being retrofitted into other cars to give them a self driving ability, but Google hopes to reveal their own brand of driverless cars – with the added safety feature of sticky car hoods.

The hoods are designed to protect pedestrians in the rare case of a collision being unavoidable. The impact would release the adhesive layer, making the person stick to the hood so they don’t get thrown after impact and avoid further injuries from the the landing.

Sticky hood

Image: Google via USPTO

A patent doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing fly-trap-style car hoods in the near future, but the idea is definitely one we’ve never heard of and is strangely futuristic. The car design itself is also reminiscent of a sci-fi movies depiction of future automobiles, looking like something straight out of the Star Wars universe.

Google car


Personally, we love Matt Pearce’s take on the new tech idea.

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