Switch between Instagram accounts with the tap of ...

Switch between Instagram accounts with the tap of a finger

The ‘marketing gods’ have answered our Instagram prayers as the social media platform finally introduces a new feature to be able to switch between multiple accounts.

The days of logging in and out of accounts and matching passwords with usernames are long gone. The 7.15 version will allow up to 5 Instagram accounts to be added for users to quickly swap between them without having to sign in and out of each individually. You will be able to get push notifications for any account that has them turned on.

This will be particularly useful for digital marketers and business owners who are no strangers to switching between various business and personal accounts. Since opening its doors to advertisers in 2013, Instagram has grown to be one of the big players in the marketing industry.

Instagram says, ‘Businesses can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment and drive action with their ads.’

This account switching feature is going to be both a time and life saver and we can’t wait to use it.

Jess is the lead news editor for Australia Business. When she's not writing and reading about business, she's probably endlessly scrolling through Instagram or downloading apps she may or may not need.