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The Ground-Breaking Natural Solution Targeting Menopause Symptoms

The Ground-Breaking Natural Solution Targeting Menopause Symptoms

A GOLD Coast-based business owner is joining the fight to tackle the symptoms of menopause saying ‘generic’ treatments are a thing of the past.

Nature’s Help founder Kirsty Strowger says her new range of evidenced based TGA-listed nutraceuticals will ‘revolutionise’ the way Australian women ward off menopause symptoms.

“Menopause can be a daunting and confusing time and up until now, there has only been a ‘one size fits all’ approach in supplements towards managing menopause,” says Ms Strowger.

“There are over 40 different symptoms, the most debilitating ones including hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, loss of libido, fatigue and weight gain.

“With extensive research, we narrowed down the main symptoms women were experiencing and tailored several different products to address each ailment.”

Created for women, by women, the Menopause Collection is the first and only product range of nutraceuticals dedicated to target specific symptoms.

Ms Strowger, a former colon hydrotherapist with training in Germany and the UK, says the nutraceutical market is a growing new space in reducing menopausal woes.

“Mature women are the most health educated demographic and are very adept at making beneficial decisions to maintain their personal long-term health,” says Ms Strowger.

“Being in the natural health industry, the biggest complaint we kept hearing from women was the lack of a dedicated and trusted high-quality natural evidence-based products that actually help alleviate symptoms”.

“This range is designed to address the most common ailments experienced during menopause, as well as supporting the body’s natural changes as we age.”

The Menopause Collection, which has already drummed up an impressive number of online reviews, consists of seven products scientifically formulated to remedy specific symptoms of menopause.

“Using science-based data, we’ve blended a mixture of natural, therapeutic-grade vitamins, minerals and herbs to formulate products that actually work.

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