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Best 5 Windscreen Repair Kits in Australia for 2023

Best 5 Windscreen Repair Kits in Australia for 2023

We all know fixing your windscreen can be a hassle, whether you need a new windscreen or just a repair the costs can add up. But what if an at home kit could fix your problem at a fraction of the price? Here are our choices for the best 5 windscreen repair kits of 2023. 

No. 1   UFIXIT Windscreen Repair Kit

In first place we chose the Windscreen Repair Kit by UFIXIT as it allows for a super quick and clean fix all in as little as 20 minutes. 

Packed with a resin that lasts up to 5 repairs the kit can not only fix chips in your windshield but it is readily available for any other mishaps along the way, including larger damage like cracks. Whatever vehicle you’re traveling in that has experienced windscreen damage, UFIXIT will fix the problem and get you on your way. 

We decided to try UFIXIT ourselves on a 9mm bullseye crack on a truck windscreen, and after watching the simple video instructions it was apparent just how quick the kit works. It is clear that UFIXIT is simple to use but its ability to get the job done quickly and in a cost effective way is why it has been chosen as the best kit. 

You might be wondering how a kit so small can fix cracks up to 100 mm in length? It’s simple! By following a few easy steps you will see how the resin penetrates into the damage allowing for a quick and simple DIY repair. 

UFIXIT is also the only kit designed specifically for Australian conditions making it an easy choice for our top spot. 

Want to put UFIXIT to the test yourself? It is available across all major automotive stores, including Autobarn, Autopro, Burson Auto parts, Motoquipe, Repco and Supercheap Auto. As well as through the UFIXIT website at 

No. 2  Permatex Windshield Repair Kit

Next on the list is the Permatex Repair Kit which also offers an easy to follow permanent windscreen solution.

Similar to most windscreen repair kits, Permatex gives users a resin which upon use will offer an airtight solution to bullseye cracks on most laminated windshields. The Permatex resin is also cured in natural daylight so you don’t have to worry about how it will dry. 

Although the Permatex Repair Kit can fix your windshield cracks, once installed it cannot be repositioned to allow for a better installation. Further, this kit is only single use which ultimately makes the cost per repair more expensive than other kits. 

No. 3  Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

Coming in at third place, is the Rain-X Windscreen Repair Kit which is a multi use kit that helps to minimise and control the spread of cracks. 

This kit is limited to crack size and works best on damage no more than 25 mm in diameter, and cracks up 30 cm in length. 

Although this kit is similar to UFIXIT’s we found the resin proved to be less effective at maintaining cracks and harder to use when tested compared to other repair kits. Rain-X also featured instructions that were harder to follow, and unlike other windshield repair suppliers, they did not have video instructions available for users. 

No. 4  J-B Shield Windshield Saver 

The next best kit is the J-B Shield Windshield Saver™ which is a patented repair system which works to fix various cracks including “bullseye”, “star” and “stone chips”.  The kits pressure lock controlled system, allows for the evacuation of existing air in the windshield cracks and penetration of the resin which when applied allows for a fast, clear, sun-activated solution to form. Further, working via a syringe and suction cap, the kit is easy to hold and use.

However, similar to the Permatex kit, this windshield saver is single use and it also appears to be designed for the US market.

No. 5  Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit 

Finally on our list of the best windscreen repair kits is The Blue Star windshield repair system.

This repair kit is also an effective and easy to use DIY kit that once cured allows for a professional quality repair. 

This kit is similar to those made by Permatex and J-B Weld, as it uses a syringe and suction cap system that is stuck to the windscreen. However, the addition of an extra part on the syringe proved to be hard to use when we tested out this product. This kit is also a single use kit which ultimately will be less cost effective if you are completing multiple repairs. 

These have been voted as our best Windscreen Repair Kits in Australia of 2023.

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