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Australian female billionaires with the highest net worth

Australian female billionaires with the highest net worth
RankNameCityNet worth (billions AUD)
1Gina RinehartPerth$43.17
2Melanie PerkinsSydney$5.27
3Fiona GeminderMelbourne$3.77
4Heloise PrattMelbourne$3.17
5Ginia RinehartSydney$3.16
=6Bianca RinehartBrisbane$3.14
=6Hope WelkerNew York$3.14
8Gretel PackerSydney$2.20
9Angela BennettPerth$2.18

*= represents joint value


In honor of International Women’s Day last week, we thought we would take a look at some of the top Australian female billionaires!

It’s no suppose that the Rinehart family are included, make up a whopping 44% of Australia’s female billionaires. Heiress and mining tycoon, Gina Rinehart takes 1st spot with a huge $43.17 billion AUD net worth, making her the richest woman in Australia. Her three daughters, Ginia Rhinehart, Bianca Rhinehart and Hope Welker are all worth over $3 billion AUD. Bianca and Hope are each worth $3.14 billion, with Ginia having a slight edge over her sisters as she totals $3.16 billion in net worth; which equals out to just 7% of her mother’s current fortune.

Canva founder and CEO Melanie Perkins takes second place with her $5.27 billion AUD net worth. Melanie is a true inspiration to many budding female entrepreneurs in Australia.

Heiress sisters Fiona Geminder and Heloise Pratt are from Melbourne and are worth $3.77 billion AUD and $3.17 billion AUD respectively. It is believed that Fiona’s $700,000,000 increase is most likely due to her stakes in Visy and Pact Group.

Australia comes in 5th for the amount of female billionaires in this amazing country of ours, with the US taking first place boasting a total of 92 female billionaires.

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