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Best Kitchen Showrooms On The North Shore

Best Kitchen Showrooms On The North Shore

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and getting a wide range of inspiration is crucial. Visiting a kitchen showroom is the best way to explore different possibilities and get a clear understanding of what you want for your kitchen renovation.

If you live in Northern Sydney, there are a lot of Kitchen showrooms on offer. To make it easier for you, we have gone through and chosen our top 5 favourite kitchen showrooms that have a variety of kitchen displays as well as a great selection of materials and products with a friendly team of experts to help you on the journey to your dream kitchen.

Nobby Kitchens – Belrose

From modern to traditional and everything in between, Nobby Kitchens has a kitchen for everyone’s style at their Belrose showroom! Nobby Kitchens are renowned for the quality of their showrooms and the expert knowledge of their team of friendly colour consultants and designers, who are on hand and ready to help you with everything you need to get your dream kitchen.

With a beautiful range of kitchen displays, you’ll can explore the latest trends in kitchen styles and aesthetics. From benchtops to cabinets, there are endless designs and the latest in everything that is trending in kitchens. The Nobby Kitchens showroom is a great place to start your kitchen journey while you inspire your passion for design.

One of the features we loved, is the Nobby Kitchens selection space. In this area at their Belrose showroom, you will find a diverse range of materials, surfaces and accessories for you to mix and match to find your perfect kitchen combination. With endless options and possibilities, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Another reason the Nobby Kitchens Belrose showroom is our number one choice is quite simply, the team! They are friendly and ready to answer any questions, but more importantly, they have the knowledge and experience that will allow you to get the most out of your showroom visit. The staff at Belrose really do go out of their way to ensure that you are cared for and are able to create your dream kitchen space with all the guidance you need. At the showroom, they also offer a free 3D CAD design for you to see your kitchen design come to life or they can arrange for a kitchen designer to come to your home!

Freedom Kitchens – Artarmon

From stylish, chic spaces to cosy, country styles, Freedom Kitchens has a beautiful range of kitchen displays for you to be inspired for your kitchen renovations at their Artarmon showroom. Freedom Kitchens has an array of kitchen styles, colours and finishes so you can start experimenting and exploring your kitchen renovation. In addition to kitchens, Freedom Kitchens also has laundry displays and wardrobe and home office cabinetry solutions.

Degabriele Kitchens – Willoughby

At their Willoughby showroom, Debagriele offers a beautiful selection of kitchens for you to be inspired by. From modern to traditional, each of their kitchens has a distinct style that you’ll be sure to love them. In addition, only a few stores down, Degabriele has a showroom full of a diverse range of products allowing customers to explore everything from tiles to stone and taps to handles. Their team of designers and showroom staff are always ready to chat and help you start on your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Kraft – Ryde

Located in Ryde, Kitchen Kraft’s showroom has a range of modern and Hampton style kitchens on display as well as a selection of materials and finishes. Their selection of kitchen accessories, such as storage solutions, doors and benchtops, allow their customers to mix and match materials and hardware to start their kitchen inspiration journey at their showroom. Why not stop by their conveniently located showroom in Ryde and start your kitchen journey with Kitchen Kraft.

Premier Kitchens – Willoughby

Full of stunning kitchens, Premier Kitchens offers a range of kitchens to be inspired by as well as a selection of materials and kitchen accessories. From modern and moody to bright and warm, this kitchen showroom helps you to explore all renovation possibilities. If you’re ready to start designing your new kitchen, the team at Premier Kitchens are also ready and can help guide you through your kitchen renovation.

We hope this guide helps you on your kitchen journey! Get inspired today with a showroom visit at the best kitchen showrooms on the North Shore.

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