Fast food joints in strife

With the latest news about Eagle Boy’s maybe shutting down its doors, McDonalds and KFC are not doing any better with profits slowly plummeting. The days of the Whopper, Big Mac and Zinger are being threatened seriously by the changing tastes of the nation.

There is a new cool kid on the block- gourmet food. It is Instagram worthy and makes you feel a healthier than eating a large Big Mac meal. Ironically smaller players have become more popular and spread all across social media with their beautiful captures.

This does not mean fast food giants went down without a fight. They have made a comeback with changing and upgrading their menu’s to become healthier and more suitable for the public now with their demands.



With KFC adapting to their new customer requirements they have created more menu options maximising profits such as the Zinger Black burger and the pulled pork burger.

Sydney is the most popular city for fried chicken, they have over 50 new tasty chicken places scattered all over town. Catherine Tan, the marketing director for KFC says she is pleased with the new phase as it means they will be gaining more profit around town.

IBISWorld Analyst Andrew Ledovskikh estimates fried chicken makes up 19.6% of fast food, making it the second-largest proportion after burgers.

McDonalds and Hungry Jacks

McDonalds has now created their own healthier food menu, expanding their salad menu and giving children different options rather than a burger and chips. They have also introduced add-ons to their burgers such as caramelized onion, aioli and halloumi.

The company has also placed 750 touch-screen kiosks all around the country so they can create their own gourmet burger. Hungry Jacks and McDonalds are now competing for their number one spot as the best fast food joint.

Hungry Jacks are close second with their their thick cut chips and new packaging to reduce the amount of birds eating them.

Domino’s Pizza Hut and Eagle boys


Domino’s Pizza has been be the most successful this year nearly doubling their profit with their newly found convenience and prices. The company has opened a new menu for just 4.95 extra value pizzas and also expanded their menu for individuals dietary requirements.

They also upgraded their delivery system with customers being able to GPS track their orders arriving to their door. Plenty of stores around Australia have a 20-minute delivery guarantee.



However with Domino’s success, Eagle Boys have followed the path of Dick Smith and may be shutting its doors for good. The release says they have significantly dropped their profits and are adding up a lot of debt. The market is now for sale and willing to go to friendly owners that can manage their finances well.