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Why Nike is the top Sportswear Brand on Instagram

Why Nike is the top Sportswear Brand on Instagram

With Instagram being such a popular platform for style influence, it is no wonder the top sportswear brands fight for dominance in this space. Here at Australia Business News we had a look at the top 20 brands from around the world and ranked them based on their followers and hashtags.

It is not much surprise that Nike came in at top spot! If you follow Nike, you too will be aware of their huge influence and ability to create awesome content. This has been largely helped by their massive investment in brand ambassadors, from sports stars to influencers, and it helps that Nike fans just love the brand.

The amount of shared content that comes from the general public out numbers every other sportswear brand and Nike’s following and exposure from social media is only getting bigger. Their ability to understand their audience and keep investing in great content that their users want to see ensures their followers are constantly increasing!

Not only have Nike totally dominated this space, their follower numbers are more than all over the other brands combined! Nike have just under 300 million followers with the closest competitor being Adidas, who is still a massive jump away at 61 million. Nike also have over 150 million hashtags and again, Adidas is the only one who comes anyway near close, with a much lower 87 million. Still a great number, but unfortunately for Adidas, they have a long way to go to be able to catch Nike.

Other brands in the top 15 included Puma, New Balance and Reebok, but their numbers just don’t compare. Nike are definitely the market leaders when it comes to social media presence and with such a big lead, they will be very hard to beat!

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