How to Ace Your Interview

Job interviews, we all have to do them but we aren’t all good at them. A successful interview is crucial to progressing to the next stage and gaining employment. Here are our tips and tricks for you to ace your next interview.

1.Remember body language

Body language is foundational in building a relationship. When you initially meet the interviewer eye contact and a steady handshake can make a great impression. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and lead the way for a handshake if they aren’t initiating it, this shows quiet confidence. Eye contact is absolutely necessary for the interviewer or panel of interviewers to gage you. If there are multiple people present during the interview, make sure that you make eye contact with all of them. Beyond the initial handshake and eye contact, avoid all nervous ticks, do not play with your hair, tap your foot or fidget, instead, sit still and calm so as to avoid giving off an impression of restlessness.

2.Know your resume inside out

Make sure you can answer all the questions that come your way in regards to previous experience, and make sure you can relate this experience to the prospective job, if you can show your transferable skills it allows them to envision your value in the workplace.

3.Have questions for the employer

It sounds like an odd one seeing as an interview is meant to be about you, but have some pre prepared questions and if you think of any on the spot then use them as well or instead. A good one to ask is “What are the three most important things to you as an employer?” by asking questions you engage with them and show a desire to understand the company.

4.Understand your best qualities

This is the tricky one for a lot of us, but get to know what are the things that make you great. Are you adaptable? Are you personable? Are you a team player? Are you good at meeting deadlines? Know your strengths and how to apply them to the prospective role. Let the employer know that you would be a good addition to the team by discussing these qualities.

5.Know your weaknesses

Many interviewers will ask what are your weaknesses, avoid the awkward moment where you look like a narcissist and know what your weaknesses are. Make sure that the weakness you discuss is one that will not jeopardise the opportunity,  stick to something small.