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Meta’s Shutting Down its ‘Creator Studio’ Page Management App

Meta’s Shutting Down its ‘Creator Studio’ Page Management App

Do you use Facebook’s Creator Studio, its video-focused Page management platform, which has become the default for many social media managers for scheduling Page content?

Well soon, it will be no more, with Meta pushing Creator Studio users across to its Business Suite platform instead, which incorporates analytics, scheduling and messaging into a new management app.

As you can see, Meta is currently prompting Creator Studio users to start using Business Suite instead, which incorporates more management tools and options. In this notification, Meta says that users can switch back to Creator Studio, but soon, that option will no longer be available.

As noted, Business Suite is a more comprehensive Page management app, which includes scheduling and messaging features, as noted, but also includes helpful prompts, like top-performing post examples from Pages similar to yours, along with A/B testing tools, tags, and direct integration of Facebook and IG ad tools.

But the format is different, which could take some getting used to. But then again, for Facebook managers, this is pretty much par for the course, as Meta seems to push us all towards a new Page management app every couple of years.

Maybe this one, which has more features and elements, will stick around for a bit longer – and when you do get used to it, it could be a better option for managing all aspects of your Facebook and Instagram presence.

Meta has added alerts to Creator Studio, informing users that it will be shutting down soon, and that they should start migrating to Business Suite.

The Business Suite app is available on desktop and mobile, providing more ways to access the platform.


Source: Social Media Today

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