Bill Gates says the AI dream is arriving

Bill Gates says the AI dream is arriving

Bill Gates

Bill Gates acknowledges his excitement for artificial intelligence (AI) but says the arrival of machines will create some unique challenges. At the Code Conference on Wednesday, Gates expressed that he is balancing his fear of “super intelligence” with enthusiasm for the future of AI.

Gates is definitely catching up with the development of AI saying, The dream is finally arriving. This is what it was all leading up to.” He explains that more progress has been made in the last five years than any time in history.” He has been working on the building blocks of speech recognition and computer vision for years.

Gates believes that we will eventually live in a world where machines are capable and more capable than human intelligence. He said, “No doubt in a 19-year time frame there will be more robots doing physical jobs.”

In an interview with Recode last year, Gates revealed that AI will pose two big problems. The first being that it will eliminate a lot of existing types of jobs and secondly ensuring that humans remain in control of the machines.

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