Driverless cars in NSW soon

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said today that he expects that driverless cars will be on NSW roads within five years. Speaking to the Future of Transport summit, Constance said that driverless cars will be tested and developed in research laboratories in Western Sydney.

An Innovation Centre test lab will be set up in Huntingwood where the cars and technology will be tested to support the development and introduction of driverless cars.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

“To prepare for the arrival of automated vehicles in the Australian car market, we’re working closely with our federal and interstate counterparts examining the necessary legislative, regulatory and road design changes — we want to get this right,” Roads Minister Duncan Gay said.

The NSW government aims to ensure an active role in the growth of transport-related technology, following the advice of experts not to neglect NSW’s strong economy. Volvo successfully tested a driverless vehicle in South Australia last year in a historical move by the company. There is a state enquiry currently underway into the feasibility of autonomous cars on NSW roads. It began last week and the recommendations are expected to be delivered in November.