From The Classroom To The Boardroom

From The Classroom To The Boardroom

Today the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) releases its MBA in Entrepreneurship. This marks the start of a new age in business education with the rise of budding entrepreneurs at an all time high but access to venture capital proving to be exceedingly difficult. There has been a gap in the market for university courses in this field and it is good to see UTS meet the demand for such a course.

The course at UTS aims to equip students with the wherewithal to survive the terrains of the entrepreneurial pursuit and land funds from venture capitalists. The class starts small at 28 with diversity being central to the makeup, which is a refreshing concept within any field but especially within the entrepreneurial field.

Entrepreneurship extends beyond being a business owner and into the game of investors, growth and long-term business pursuits. It can be seen as a dynamic evolution beyond the independent business and into the world of economics and venture capital. Unique ideas, corporate backing and the right attitude are all key to the success of the entrepreneur. Hopefully, the MBA can get us a step closer to demystifying the world of the entrepreneur.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship will be a game changer in business studies and most likely be a course option that many universities begin to follow suit with.