The Best Engagement Ring Jewellers in Australia

The Best Engagement Ring Jewellers in Australia

Best Engagement Ring Jewellers Australia

Finding the perfect piece to mark your special occasion can be somewhat of a challenge. Whether you’re looking for a statement engagement ring or a timeless wedding band, you want to know you are shopping with the best. So we did the work for you! Here you will find the best engagement ring jewellers in Australia and why we chose them. These Australian jewellers specialise in ready to wear and custom designed engagement rings and wedding jewellery. You’re bound to find that lasting token for that extra special someone.

Best Engagement Ring Jewellers Australia
Midas Jewellery

Midas Jewellery - Best Engagement Ring Jewellers Australia

Located in Sydney, Midas Jewellery are known as the ‘Master Jewellers’. They work with their customers to design and create unique, bespoke hand crafted engagement rings. After all, would you want a ring that is one of 1000 and looks the same as everyone else’s ring? Or, would you want an engagement ring that is unique and special to only you?

Midas’ approach focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of the diamond. With handmade precision, they make it look like each stone is floating on air. Showcasing levels of depth and dimension, their engagement rings a true sight to see.

Midas have a spent over 20 years building a reputation for the best customer service in the market. Their team are there to support you throughout the entire journey, ensuring the end result is your absolute dream engagement ring.

With three locations across Sydney, Parramatta, Bondi and Miranda, when you are starting your engagement ring browsing, Midas Jewellery should definitely be your first stop!


Sydney, NSW
Armans Fine Jewellery

Armans Fine Jewellery

Source: Armans Jewellers

Armans Fine Jewellery  specialise in elegant diamond engagement rings and stunning diamond jewellery suited for any occasion. With their strong social presence, they’re the jeweller at the forefront of people’s minds when searching for engagement rings.

Armans use the support of influencers and extravagant giveaways. Through this, they have curated a luxurious yet whimsical space to showcase their artisans work while encouraging romance and happiness for their customers.

Melbourne, Victoria
Ellisi Jewellery

Engagement Ring Jewellers Melbourne

Nestled in Melbourne’s CBD is Ellissi Rings and Jewellery. Dealing exclusively in engagement and wedding rings, all their pieces are crafted locally in their studio workshop.

Striving to create unique and beautiful settings, they work directly with the customer to achieve a more hands on approach to ring design. This makes sure the customer has the opportunity to learn about the diamonds that will go into their unique piece.

Ian Murray and his team of jewellers at Ellisi will help you to create your dream engagement ring.

Brisbane, Queensland
Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists

Diamondport Jewellers Brisbane

Located in the CBD’s hub Queen Street Mall, sunny Brisbane is home to none other than boutique jeweller Diamondport. Ashley Portas and his team of designers specialise in finding high quality diamonds at fair and affordable prices. With years of experience as a diamond merchant, they know where to look and what to look for.

Their services range from the popular and understated solitaire settings, to bold and extravagant halo settings.

To get the best diamond, at the best price, visit the team at Diamondport.

Perth, Western Australia
Rohan Jewellers

Rohan Jewellers Western Australia

Looking for an engagement ring that is one of a kind? Rohan Jewellers in Perth merges classic elegance with a distinctive twist. The end result is stunning jewellery that you can’t take your eyes off.

Rohan Milne creates unique settings resembling early 1920’s artistry, using techniques not often used in today’s Jewellery world. He does this by taking inspiration from his classic training in artistry meccas such as New York City and Rome.

When you are looking for your unique engagement ring, speak to the team at Rohan Jewellers in Western Australia.

Adelaide, South Australia
Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller 

Andrew Mazzone Jewellers South Australia

If you live in South Australia, and you’re searching for engagement rings look no further than Andrew Mazzone. Their goal is to create something unique and one of a kind for their customers. Crafting everything from engagement rings to bridal jewellery.

Andrew Mazzone’s individual approach to jewellery making has given them an edge over the competition. Crafting everything from engagement rings to bridal jewellery, they’ve got you covered for all your wedding needs.

Mazzone tailors his concepts to his customers wants. So, if you’re looking for matching pieces to suit your personal style, you’ve come to the right place.  They definitely belong in our Best Engagement Ring Jewellers in Australia.


Darwin, Northern Territory
Chris Williams Jewellers

Chris Williams Jewellers

Chris Williams Jewellers is based in the Northern Territories capital Darwin in the far north of Australia. They can take your vision and create an engagement ring or wedding piece that you will cherish.

Chris Williams and his team source a wide variety of stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies from all around the world. They offer a wide range of services and their passion for jewellery making can’t be missed. This makes them the perfect choice when looking for that special token of love.


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