The Best Engagement Ring Jewellers in Australia

The Best Engagement Ring Jewellers in Australia

Finding the perfect piece to mark your special occasion can be somewhat of a challenge. Whether you’re looking for a statement engagement ring or a timeless wedding band, these independent Australian jewellers specialise in ready to wear and custom designed fine jewellery. You’re bound to find that lasting token for that extra special someone.

Sydney, NSW
Armans Fine Jewellery

Source: Armans Jewellers

Armans Fine Jewellery is an award winning Sydney based Jeweller that specialise in elegant diamond engagement rings, as well as stunning diamond jewellery suited for any occasion. With their strong presence on social media, Armans Jewellery have become the jeweller at the forefront of people’s minds when searching for their perfect diamond ring. With the support of influencers and extravagant giveaways, Armans have curated a luxurious yet whimsical space to showcase their artisans work while encouraging romance and happiness for their customers.

Melbourne, Victoria
Ellisi Jewellery 

Nestled in Melbourne’s CBD is Ellissi Rings and Jewellery. Dealing exclusively in engagement and wedding rings, all their pieces are crafted locally in their studio workshop. Striving to create unique and beautiful settings, Ian Murray and his team of jewellers at Ellisi work directly with the customer to achieve a more hands on approach to ring design, making sure the customer has the opportunity to learn about the diamonds that will go into their unique piece.

Brisbane, Queensland
Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists

Located in the CBD’s hub Queen Street Mall, sunny Brisbane is home to none other than boutique jeweller Diamondport.
With years of experience as a diamond merchant, Ashley Portas and his team of designers specialise in finding the high quality diamonds at fair and affordable prices.
Their services range from the popular and understated solitaire settings to bold and extravagant halo settings.

Perth, Western Australia
Rohan Jewellers

If you’re looking for something a little bit individual, Rohan Jewellers in Perth merges classic elegance with a distinctive twist. Taking inspiration from his classic training in artistry meccas such as New York City and Rome, Rohan Milne creates unique settings resembling early 1920’s artistry using techniques not often used in today’s Jewellery world. Rohan offers a range of styles and colours, setting them apart from other jewellers in Western Australia.

Adelaide, South Australia
Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller 

If you live in South Australia, and you’re searching for jewellery to wear on your wedding day and beyond, look no further than Andrew Mazzone. Crafting everything from engagement rings to bridal jewellery, their goal is to create something unique and one of a kind for their customers. With an individual approach to jewellery making, Andrew Mazzone takes pride in creating Adelaide’s largest selection of mens wedding rings using precious metals such as platinum in his creations. Whether you’re looking for matching pieces or designs to suit your personal style, Mazzone tailors his concepts to his customers wants.


Darwin, Northern Territory
Chris Williams Jewellers

In Australia’s north, Chris Williams Jewellers is based in the Northern Territories capital Darwin. Offering a wide range of services, this independent jeweller can take your vision for your special occasion and create a piece that you and your loved one will cherish. With a passion for jewellery making, Chris Williams and his team source a wide variety of stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Whether you’re looking for an every day collection piece or that special token of love, they’ve got you covered.