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Pink Diamonds: An investment for your future

Pink Diamonds: An investment for your future

In the world of diamonds, the closure of a diamond mine would see increases in value and demand, as supplies become limited. For the Argyle Pink Diamond this rings true. As the last of these precious stones were mined from the Argyle mine in November 2020, they are now considered to be one of the rarest natural treasures on Earth. As a result, Pink diamond investments are now the next big thing when it comes to your future finances.

Over four decades ago, just south of Lake Argyle in Western Australia, the first Argyle Pink Diamond was unearthed, and has since supplied over 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds. Discovered deep in the Earth’s crust, the inexplicably beautiful and unique gem has continued to be a standout amongst its coloured counterparts. Embodying divinity and grandeur, pink diamonds have created a lucrative market of their own.

Argyle Pink Diamond
Argyle Pink Diamond 0.71 carat Pear. Available at J Farren-Price.

The value has appreciated over 500 per cent since their inception as a diamond category. It is for this reason that it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire an Argyle Pink, with interest piquing the likes of jewellers, wealthy clients and diamond connoisseurs across the world.

With the increase in demand, pink diamond investments continue to spike as consumers realise their long term wealth benefits – the industry boasting an average annual growth rate of 11.2% since 2005. According to The Australian Diamond Portfolio, adding pinks to your portfolio can be the perfect diversification for a range of investments or SMSF (self-managed super fund).

Considered to be of the highest calibre and prestige, they are the most sought after and exclusive diamond in the world. Not only a wholehearted gift for a loved one, but an essential investment in your future, and an heirloom to last centuries.

J Farren-Price are one of Australia’s premium Argyle Pink Diamond atelier’s. Currently, the Argyle’s Collector’s Edition is available to view, with a fine selection of exquisite loose pink diamonds in sealed packets. J Farren-Price also offers jewellery featuring these precious gems in a range of cuts, weights, and hues of pink.

To discover more about the rare and precious Argyle Pink Diamond collection, see here.

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