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The Best Cameras To Start Amateur Photography

The Best Cameras To Start Amateur Photography

Photography is a great hobby that so many people are picking up now that lockdown has ended! Getting the perfect shot isn’t just about skill and having a great eye, it’s also reliant on the camera you use. With so many great brands and camera models on the market, finding the perfect camera for you can be difficult and sometimes confusing. We’ve selected a range of film and DSLR cameras that we recommend if you’re a beginner photographer wanting to buy your first camera!


With so many great cameras on the market, it’s hard to tell which DSLRs are beginner friendly with great quality and easy-to-use functions. Here are our recommendations for a great DSLR camera that won’t blow your budget!

Nikon D3400

This Nikon camera is one of the best DSLRs for beginners with it’s built in guide mode. Its low price tag and user-friendly features are just some of the reasons why the Nikon D3400 has been ranked as the best choice for up and coming photographers.

Canon Rebel T6i

This DSLR camera from Canon has an excellent auto mode and an easy to navigate touchscreen. It’s a versatile and affordable camera that is great for all kinds of photography, from travel to sports, right through to landscapes and portraits.

Pentax K-70

With top build quality and advanced controls, this DSLR has the features of a mid-range camera, but with the price tag of entry-level cameras. It features a weather sealed body with a large LCD viewfinder and at such a great price point, it’s a hard one to overlook.

Canon M50

This mirrorless Canon camera is great for capturing both stills and videos, perfect for content creators! It features an LCD touchscreen and 4k video shooting capabilities, all packed into a compact and stylish DSLR.


Film cameras are making a comeback! The most common and convenient film camera uses 35mm film. Here are our recommendations for affordable 35mm film cameras that give you the best shots!

Olympus OM-1

With it’s small size and lightweight design, this film camera is known to be a great camera for both beginner and experienced users. This Olympus camera also has a very affordable price, great for your first photography investment!

Canon Canonet GIII QL17

This Canon camera is great for casual street photography with it’s discreet and compact design. It has complete manual control which means it’s great for both amateurs and professionals.

Nikon FE2

This Nikon film camera has a wide range of settings and adjustments, so you can learn the mechanisms of the camera as well as how to experiment with film cameras. This Nikon camera is also compact and lightweight, perfect for popping in your bag!

Olympus MJU-II

With it’s point-and-shoot style, the Olympus MUJ-II is easy to use and known for its award-winning design. This small film camera has a sharp lens with accurate auto focus and is great for all season shooting with its weather sealed camera body.

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