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Laser Clinics Group Opens Its 200th Clinic!

Laser Clinics Group Opens Its 200th Clinic!

The Australian-based cosmetic company Laser Clinics Group has opened its 200th clinic globally. It’s an exciting time for the brand as they continue to make results-led advanced beauty treatments affordable and accessible for consumers worldwide.

Laser Clinics Group officially entered the Canadian market on February 4, 2022, with the opening of its first clinic in Ontario. Canada is the 4th country outside of Australia that Laser Clinics operates in, behind New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Laser Clinics has delivered 3 million treatments globally in 2021 and will continue to bring their results-driven treatment plans and expertise to consumers all around the world.

“We are delighted to celebrate this important milestone with our global teams and customers,” said John Veitch, Australia-based CEO of Laser Clinics Group. “The future is bright at Laser Clinics as we build towards being the largest advanced beauty group globally, giving us the resources, training and experience to continue to provide affordable industry-leading, tailored results for our customers.”

Laser Clinics specialises in personalised skincare treatments, cosmetic injectables, body contouring and laser hair removal, which are performed with industry-leading, medical-grade equipment and advanced technology. Laser Clinics Group’s Medical Advisory Committee is comprised of leading dermatologists and medical doctors and approve the protocols and services that are delivered at each clinic. Treatments are performed by doctors, registered nurses, and trained therapists to ensure that safety and efficacy remains top priority.

“We will continue to build our brand in Australia and across global markets by providing consumers with innovation and affordability in high demand beauty treatments. Offering ‘beauty tailored to you’, Laser Clinics is committed to ensuring customers receive their best results with each visit,” says John Veitch.

About the Laser Clinics Group

Laser Clinics Group is the global leader in advanced beauty treatments and skincare. The company democratizes the field of advanced beauty by offering customers worldwide greater accessibility to an extensive range of best-in-class treatments and services using medical-grade, industry-leading technology. Laser Clinics tailors treatments to the individual and ensures all clients achieve their desired results. Together, the company’s more than 1,600 professionals focus on long-term, ongoing services which reflects a true longstanding and deep relationship with their customers.

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