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Roses Only partnership helps Bundy flower farm to bloom

Roses Only partnership helps Bundy flower farm to bloom

A partnership between Australia’s largest online retailer of delivered flowers and gifts with Bundaberg’s Robertson Flower Farm has seen both businesses benefit during uncertain times.

Roses Only has been in the flower business for over 50 years and its partnership with Robertson Flower Farm allows the company to continue providing the freshest and most beautiful floral bouquets to gifters across Australia.

Roses Only CEO Kelly Taggart said the partnership opportunity was a no-brainer for Roses Only who make it a priority to support the best local and domestic flower producers.

“We approached Robertson Flower Farm because they are one of the premium growers in Queensland, specialising in Sunflowers and Asiatic and Oriental Lily varieties – all are very popular blooms with our customers,” said Ms Taggart.

“By following the principles of nature and showing great care for their farming land, Robertson Flower Farm are able to grow gorgeous flowers which never fail to put a smile on people’s faces.”

The family-owned farm was established over twenty years ago by Adam and Trish Robertson, a husband-and-wife team with extensive backgrounds in floriculture, and is located on the rich red volcanic soil found between Bundaberg and Bargara in Queensland.

Sunflowers are known as the happiest flowers on Earth, and it’s easy to understand why with Bundaberg’s endless levels of sunshine and mild winters.

Robertson Flower Farm owner Adam Robertson said the farm focuses on sustainable farming practises in order to produce their high-quality cut flowers for wholesale, flower markets and local florists.

“We’re really passionate about innovative farming techniques to improve the quality of our produce, as well as picking and packing processes,” said Mr Robertson

“When Roses Only approached us with a partnership opportunity, it meant we could cut out the middleman and send our product directly to the Roses Only floristry studios, meaning faster, fresher flowers for lucky recipients.

“COVID has actually been good for the industry because people are opting for local growers and suppliers, which results in reduced fuel and shipping costs and lower carbon emissions – it’s a win-win situation.”

For Roses Only, the partnership means they can simultaneously support top local growers and keep customers happy.

“We’re dealing with a product that’s all about making people feel good and helping convey their love or sentiment to someone special through gifted flowers,” said Ms Taggart.

“When customers place an order through Roses Only, they trust us to deliver the freshest and most beautiful flowers to get their message across.”

Roses Only brings together almost 50 years of retail and floristry experience coupled with a national operation employing over 300 people and 11 florist studios with local teams of creative, passionate people preparing and packaging beautiful same-day delivery orders.

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